Vegetable Lasagne Food

February 18, 2016 0Comments by Food, Food Truck

Original vegetable lasagne from street of Naples to streets of Gurgaon

Pizza is a fast food but it is also a complete food. It is delicious and healthy as well. But why am I explaining Pizza when so many pizza points are already here to promote their products. But the pizza we are discussing has something different.

A food truck in Gurgoan is said to serve the delicious vegetable lasagne that you can only find in its country of origin that is the city of Naples in Italy. Its color, flavor and taste would remind you of the dish that originated in Italy in the middle ages and travelled to across the globe taking new forms and developing new tastes.

Original dish had many ingredients like pasta, sauce and cheese and sometimes non-vegetarian items like pork and chicken were also used. But the food truck uses green veggies only. It makes pizza with nutritious veggies and serves it hot with chilly tomato sauce made by the chefs of the food company. The company is Oh Buoy and the truck is God Father food truck in Gurgaon at Sector-29.

Oh Buoy is a street food company serving pizza on street and it serves the most delicious pizzas. Foodies can be seen discussing its pizza on social media and some travelers have even compared the Oh Buoy dish with the original dish. Its rich taste is mouthwatering and simply irresistible. It is hard to resist the food once you have your eyes on it. Served hot with tomato sauce on a disposable plate, it looks ready-to-eat and you can have your pizza at one of the many tables strewn outside the Gurgaon food truck at Sector-29.

Foodies walk down to the truck to have a refreshing break from backbreaking work with friends. Pizza is ordered and savored with chilly tomato sauce and fruit drinks available at the food truck. It is certainly the biggest pizza food truck in India. The dish is kept original and not copied. And the price is kept affordable even on home delivery.

Oh Buoy has another food truck serving pizza at another sector. It has a fleet of trucks to serve pizzas. Food truck in Gurgaon at Sector-22 serves pizza to residents and workers of Sector-22 and similarly other trucks serve dishes to foodies in other sectors. Oh Buoy is increasing its fleet of tricks. Recently a new truck is added behind gym khana club. The new addition is another feather in the Oh Buoy’s cap.

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