Spinach and Cheese Cannelloni in Gurgaon by Oh Buoy

February 22, 2016 0Comments by Food, Food Truck

Cannelloni is a different kind of pasta. It is served baked and covered in mouthwatering sauce. The pasta is made in cylindrical shape with fillings of spnach, ricotta and minced meat. But here in India in a food truck in Gurgaon, you can have pure vegetarian spinach and cheese cannelloni.

Spinach and cheese cannelloni is street food in Gurgaon. This Italian cuisine is served hot with fruit shakes and juices. The shape – cylindrical – flavor, aroma and taste give Italian feel. It isn’t a copied dish but Italian food prepared in India. Also it is a service for vegetarian foodies. God Father food truck in Gurgaon at Sector-29 is best known for serving this Italian vegetarian pasta. Foodies start gathering at the truck right from morning when it is time to have breakfast.

The fillings get baked with the pasta and the pasta gets taste of the fillings. It is sumptuous meal that looks irresistible. The pasta is served on plate and the red sauce is poured on it so that it looks complete and ready to eat. Foodies only need taking the big piece of pasta in fingers and finish it taking small bites. With every bite of spinach and cheese cannelloni, foodies get true flavors of Italy. Gurgaon food truck at Sector-29 that is popular for spinach and cheese cannelloni belongs to Oh Buoy.

It isn’t that you can’t find spinach and cheese cannelloni on other places like restaurants and outside eating corners but it is the richness of taste and nutrition that drag foodies to Oh Buoy truck. The chefs at the truck are experienced enough to understand foodies’ needs and also they know how to preserve nutritional value and improve taste. But you don’t need going to sectonr-29 as you can find another Oh Buoy food truck in Gurgaon at Sector-22 serving spinach and cheese cannelloni.

Oh Buoy is expanding its network in Gurgaon. New food trucks are added to relieve the pressure from existing trucks and also to reach out to more foodies. If Oh Buoy is taken as a truck, it is the biggest food truck in India serving spinach and cheese cannelloni and other delicacies.

Recent addition in the existing food truck is made behind gym khana club. The new food truck has started service and it has also got many likes on Facebook. Oh Buoy knows how to take advantage of social media to reach out to foodies.

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