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February 12, 2016 0Comments by Food, Food Truck

Fine dining outside an Oh Buoy food truck in Gurgaon

Candle light dinner in a luxurious restaurant is a regal experience but the craze and excitement of street food is simply irresistible. Sitting in open and devouring the food you can find selling only on street is no less than a luxury. It is like treating yourself as a natural person and not as someone different from others. Head to God Father food truck in Gurgaon at Sector-29 to enjoy the best of street food in India.

This truck belongs to Oh Buoy that has collected the best in street foods from across the globe for foodies. And it has been selling delicacies on street since a long time. It has Mexican at its truck and also it sells noodles that have become synonym for fast food. But Oh Buoy serves healthy meal and also its trucks can beat even the most luxurious kitchens in cleanliness and hygiene. Its Gurgaon food truck at Sector-29 has set a benchmark for others to follow.

Oh Buoy on streets and web

It isn’t the only food company promoting its food on the web but it is certainly the only one to use web to communicate with its customers. Its Facebook page shows how much it is liked on Gurgaon streets. Foodies follow its trucks on social media and give their feedback. Also they make orders online and get deliveries at their homes and offices. Oh Buoy has plans to send a food truck in Gurgaon in every street and sector.

It started its food truck service from Sector-29 and soon a second truck is added to ease the burden of the first truck. There are more foodies and they want quick meal. Food truck in Gurgaon at Sector-22 is the second truck added to the fleet of Oh Buoy food trucks. With the new addition, Oh Buoy has increases its reach to more foodies.

Soon a new truck would be pressed into service and the destination would be behind gym khana club. Foodies are demanding more food trucks to reduce waiting time. They reach Oh Buoy on Facebook and post their requests for more food and enhanced service. And Oh Buoy responds to calls from its customers.

Oh Buoy has made it big

It is certainly the biggest food truck in India. Oh Buoy is present on streets and also on the web. It is followed on social media and it is always connected to its customers. One more thing about Oh Buoy is that it has the biggest street food menu comprising all the hot and spicy as well as cool and sweet dishes in India.

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