Savor Lamb Lasagne Food

February 19, 2016 0Comments by Food, Food Truck

Savor lamb lasagne in its original color and flavor in a food truck in Gurgaon

Good news for non-vegetarian food lovers as now they won’t need looking for tasty restaurants to savor lamb lasagne, a thick fatty pizza made of interlaying layers of pasta and fresh and soft lamb meat. Lasagne originated in Italy and perhaps it is oldest form of making pizza but now it is available in a food truck in Gurgaon.

It is sumptuous meal and since it has soft meat, it is nutritious as well. There could be many restaurants where lasagne is available but finding it on street is certainly a surprise. God Father food truck in Gurgaon at Sector-29 is the place where foodies gather to have lamb lasagne. The truck belongs to Oh Buoy that is a new entity in the crowded street food sector. But it has made its presence felt through its signature dishes like lamb lasagne.

The recipe is borrowed from Italy and followed in letter and spirit to give the original taste and feel to the foodies. Served hot with sauce, the baked lasagne looks irresistible. A thick pizza like dish is put on a plate and the red chilly tomato sauce is spread all over to improve the color of meat. It is spongy and full of nutritious fat. A bite will fill your mouth with the taste and flavor for which lasagne is famous. And the place where you can savor the dish is Gurgaon food truck at Sector-29.

No need to rush to the food truck as Oh Buoy is available on the web and it takes orders on its website. But if you want to enjoy the lamb lasagne in a friendly outdoor setting with your close friends then you should first locate an Oh Buoy truck on social media. Find Oh Buoy on Facebook and see what foodies have to say about its lamb lasagne and the trucks. It is the biggest food truck in India hence there are chances you will find a truck close to your location.

Oh Buoy is adding new trucks to its fleet from time to time. It has a truck to serve residents and visitors of sector 29 and also there is a food truck in Gurgaon at Sector-22 to cater to the food needs of foodies of sector-22. Soon more trucks would be rolled out to reach other sectors of Gurgaon. It is like celebration of food. Latest truck added to the fleet of Oh Buoy stands behind gym khana club.

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