Chicken Lasagne

February 20, 2016 0Comments by Food, Food Truck

Savor chicken lasagne as street food from a food truck in Gurgaon

Chicken lasagne is a delicacy that has the taste and flavor of pizza. The soft pieces of chicken are layered with mouthwatering pasta and sprayed with tomato sauce. It is spongy and a bite will fill your mouth with the delicious chicken mixed with pasta. Have this delicacy at a food truck in Gurgaon.

Oh Buoy is serving this delicacy in Gurgaon from its food trucks and it has a fleet of trucks to serve this recipe. Each truck is assigned a dedicated area like God Father food truck in Gurgaon at Sector-29 and it serves street food in that area. Chicken lasangne is served first time on street and it is Oh Buoy that is serving it hot on the streets.

Chicken lasagne is an exotic delicacy and its origins can be traced to Italy but it is more popular in India. Many hotels and restaurants serve this dish but there is hardly any street food corner or eatery that serves chicken lasagne. Now Oh Buoy has started selling this popular chicken food item as street food on Gurgaon streets. Its Gurgaon food truck at Sector-29 covers sector-29 and the adjoining sectors.

Foodies like to walk down to the food truck as there they get an opportunity to enjoy the food in the outdoor setting. A food truck parked between tables strewn around looks like a restaurant on wheel. It turns an vacant area into an outdoor place for enjoyment. It provides excuse for friendly gatherings and outings. Oh Buoy’s food truck in Gurgaon at Sector-22 is a meeting point for friends and also it is a place for family get-together. Food service starts early with breakfast and continues till late night.

Chicken lasagne is a non-vegetarian delight served hot with tomato sauce and drinks. In drinks, you can order coke, pepsi or fruit juice. Or you can drink Bisleri. Chicken lasagne is spicy hence you would need some water and also you would want to savor dessert after having the food. Oh Buoy, the biggest food truck in India, is always ready to serve needs of foodies.

In Gurgaon, it is Oh Buoy that is getting popularity for chicken lasagne. Its recipe is original and not copied. And also its chefs know how to prepare the delicacy. The taste, flavor, aroma and color of the delicacy are original. It has the touch and flavor of Italy. Recently Oh Buoy added a new food truck behind gym khana club to reach out to more foodies.

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