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Biggest Food Truck in India | OH BUOY CLUB

Biggest Food Truck in India

January 11, 2016 2Comments by Food

Why Oh Buoy is the biggest food truck in Delhi and NCR?

Summary: Which one is the biggest food truck in India? If you see size then it would be one from a leading hotel but if you see choice and service then it is Oh Buoy.

Food trucks travelled a long way to come to India. It is a western concept and the idea behind running food trucks is to popularize street food. In India, big as well as small companies took the idea to further their business interests.

In reality, the big restaurants and hotels are selling their food items and offering nothing different. Indian food trucks could be called restaurants on wheels but some food companies are really doing a commendable job. They are providing great options at affordable price. These street food companies serve delicious food in a healthy manner. Oh Buoy is the leader of these companies hence can be called the biggest food truck in India.

The adjective “biggest” doesn’t represent size but variety and service. Oh Buoy truck might not be as big as trucks of notable restaurants but it provides more options and more service. The service starts early with breakfast and continues till delivery of midnight meal. And the options that Oh Buoy offers include Indian as well as exotic food.

Mexican is the specialty of Oh Buoy and its chefs are also good at making pasta in Italian style. They are master in Lebanese and also they prepare spicy curries from Indian veggies. Oh Buoy’s biggest food truck in Noida at Sector – 62, 125, 93 A is a milestone for others. This truck serves a variety of dishes including Chinese noodles, Indian curries, non-vegetarian recipes and fruit shakes and drinks of different flavors.

This truck not only serves food on street but also makes home and office deliveries to nearby commercial and residential areas. The area where the truck is parked converts into an open air restaurant and foodies can be seen enjoying their choice of food items. Now Oh Buoy has started its food service in nearby Gurgaon.

See the biggest food truck in Gurgaon at Sector – 29. It is a big leap in street food industry and this step was expected as Oh Buoy was receiving online orders from Gurgaon. Foodies on social media pursue Oh Buoy to come to Gurgaon and the company launched its food service for Gurgaon foodies.

In addition to Sector – 29, a truck is also pressed for food service behind gym khana club in Gurgaon. Oh Buoy is a big name in street food in Delhi and NCR. Its objective is to provide tasty food in healthy manner on street and at the cost of street food.



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