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Healthy Food Delivery in Noida | OH BUOY CLUB

Healthy Food Delivery in Noida

October 29, 2015 2Comments by Food

Healthy food delivery started by Oh Buoy in Noida

Restaurant style food and fast food are called unhealthy because they have more calories than required. Some restaurants boast of serving healthy meal but their meal quality is always debatable. Everyone knows value of healthy meal but people are forced to eat out due to time crunch.

In Noida, Oh Buoy took a first step towards providing health meal to those who are conscious about their health. Heal conscious people don’t mind travelling to long distances or ordering their food items from distant places just to make sure that the food they eat is healthy. Now Oh Buoy has started healthy food delivery in Noida.

Oh Buoy has a fleet of food trucks and a team of seasoned chefs that are experienced in cooking a variety of recipes including Mexican that is becoming popular in urban India and Chinese that is considered the worst fast food. These chefs have make pizza, burgers, noodles and other items that were considered unhealthy health food.

The secret behind cooking healthy pizza and burgers is the ingredients used in cooking fast food items. Oh Buoy healthy food delivery service in Noida is so popular that demand for healthy fast food is coming from adjoining areas like Noida Extension. It is a street food company and it serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and even midnight meals. Also orders are received on the web and the service is provided from food trucks.

Oh Buoy is accessible and its trucks remain within reach of the foodies. Foodies track movement of the trucks on social media to reduce waiting time for the food vans. These vans are like moving restaurants as food is cooked in the trucks. Objective of Oh Buoy is to serve fresh food and it is possible only when food is cooked in truck.

A truck makes healthy food delivery in Noida near Sector-93A and another goes to sector-125. More trucks are pressed into service to serve health food to other areas like Amity, HCL and sector 62 and 63. Oh Buoy is growing as it provides nutritious meal at quite affordable price. Fresh cooked meal is served at trucks and packed food is delivered at homes and offices.

Recently Oh Buoy started making healthy food delivery in Noida Extension and it intends to expand the service to adjoining areas like Indirapuram. Soon Oh Buoy food trucks would cover the entire NCR area from Gurgaon to Ghaziabad.


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