Banana Pops

March 16, 2016 0Comments by Food, Food Truck

Now, who doesn’t love some quality lip smacking food on a road side food truck in Gurgaon. The answer is fairly simple, we all just crave for such chances to enjoy some really good delicacies while out with our family. We Indians are famous the world over for our culture and varied food habits. Ask any foreign visitor about what they find as really distinguished about our country and more often than not you will find food on top of their list.

Where to go?

It is not very hard to find some really tasty food joints in our metro cities now a day as the burgeoning upper middle class has made sure we all enjoy regular outings at least to the nearby ‘chaupaty’. Be it a weekend or holiday, there can always be a chance to get out and enjoy tasty Banana pops at God Father Food Truck in Gurgaon at Sector-29. Trust me; if you have not tried this place then definitely you are punishing your taste buds by doing so. Located in the highly accessible Sector-29 area behind Gym Khana Club, this is certainly one of the finest and biggest food trucks in India.

Enjoy yourself

Among other veg and non-veg dishes the Banana pops are sure to lure the young ones for they are sweet and easily digestible. We all have a kid inside us, and dishes like this tend to bring that childishness out in the open. One look at the pops and you know they are something really hard to resist and you want it at any cost when visiting Gurgaon Food Truck at Sector-29. Now, it is paramount that you eat at places that are not just good at providing quality food but also ensure complete hygiene at all times. The God Father Food truck takes care of all the parameters that people would like to judge them on.

A new place

With passing time people tend to try out new things that can give their tongue ecstatic feeling. All of the food related requirements need to be met with great quality and utmost savor. While you may have been searching a perfect place to kill hunger when going out to a nearby place with friends and family, a superb Food Truck in Gurgaon at Sector-22 and 29 has been waiting for your visit. With a single visit itself you will realize what you have been missing all this while when planning a gourmet trip to a nearby food stall.

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