Advantage of Oh Buoy Food Truck in Gurgaon

February 13, 2016 0Comments by Food, Food Truck

Sometimes street food is the best option and when you want to eat food at street, you need a better place just like a food truck in Gurgaon. The food must be delicious and served in a healthy manner. Also the staff must maintain cleanliness and practice hygiene.

Local street food vendors might be affordable and also they might be more accessible than food trucks but they don’t maintain hygiene. On the contrary, trucks belonging to leading hotel chains don’t have anything different to offer. Also it is more expensive to have meal from a branded food truck than having meal at the hotel the truck belongs to. Luckily there are some food trucks like God Father food truck in Gurgaon at Sector-29 that serve delicacies on street and at the cost street food.

God Father belongs to Oh Buoy and it isn’t a franchisee of a leading hotel chain. It is an independent company working as a street food vendor since long time. And its objective is to serve healthy meal to all. Oh Buoy menu includes more street foods than the menu of a big hotel. It has Mexican, Lebanese and Italian, pizza, burger, noodles, non-vegetarian and a good range of sweet dishes. It serves all these dishes from its Gurgaon food truck at Sector-29.

The difference of being Oh Buoy

Oh Buoy has made a difference to the street food culture of Gurgaon. There are local food vendors and also Gurgaon boasts of big names of hospitality industry. But there was a vacuum in street food industry as the existing food vendors were either amateurs or most expensive. Oh Buoy filled the gap by providing restaurant style food at the cost of street food. It has many trucks like one in Sector-29 and another food truck in Gurgaon at Sector-22.

These trucks work from early morning to midnight when orders for midnight food from call centers and residences start pouring. The day starts with breakfast service for people rushing towards their offices and the food service continues to serve meals to the foodies waiting outside the truck. The scene of food truck behind gym khana club is like of an open air restaurant.

Oh Buoy operates a fleet of food trucks and every truck is given an area or sector to serve. Oh Buoy takes advantage of social media to expand its reach and it also works online. The day isn’t far when Oh Buoy would boast of having the biggest food truck in India and it will be in Gurgaon.

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